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PAGE21 Data management mini workshop

Myvatn-18.06Kirsten Elger from the Alfred Wegener Institute, Division of Geosciences and Periglacial Research is visiting the Arctic Portal in Akureyri to discuss PAGE21 data management objectives. 

Writing and following a data management plan is the principle pre-requisite for complying with current policy of PAGE21 Project. There is no one-fits-all recipe for a data management plan, says Jean-Pierre Lanckman, the Arctic Portal data manager who recently joined the team in Akureyri. It is important to strike the balance between putting a data at risk with too few controls and creating necessary administrative procedures. Within the payday loans delaware project a deliverable within WP 8 "Data mining, data management and data dissemination" needs to be created until October 2012.

It is important to understand the scope of data management, what the objectives are and what practices are required, to be able to easily plan and organize the relevant information.

IMGP8773Elger and Lanckman will spend next few days for defining those objectives for PAGE21. Despite hard work and long hours, they have managed to look around the North-East Iceland and visited among other places Goðafoss waterfall and Jarðböð, a Myvatn located nature baths.

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