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Blogs from field sites

Kuopio day 1Summer is field season time as well as time for blogging from the sites.
We are very happy that there will be three blogs this summer coming from the fields sites Samoylov and Seida/Vorkuta in Russia as well as Herschel Island in Canada in connection with the PAGE21 project.

A research team from AWI will be from July 3 until September 5 at Samoylov in Russia and will report from the expedition in the "Tundra stories". The blog will be in German and starts on Monday July 2 at

The two other blogs will be in English. The PAGE21 PhD student Stefanie Weege from AWI will blog from Herschel Island in Canada, starting in mid of July.
A group of five reserachers from the University of Eastern Finland has already begun their expedition to Vorkuta/ Seida in North-West Russia on Tuesday, June 26 with their first blog entries.

You can follow the blogs here through our PAGE21 website - just click blog button here below.

The image here on the left is taken by Christina Biasi (University of eastern Finland). It is from the railway station in Kuopio in Finland, taken yesterday, when the UEF field group was getting ready for their journey to Seida/Vorkuta in Russia.
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