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TICOP in Salekhard, Russia

TICOP-imageThe Tenth International Conference on Permafrost (TICOP) is taking place in Salekhard, Yamal-Nenets autonomous district in the Russian Federation 24 - 29 June. The conference started on Sunday, June 24, with a crossing the arctic circle ceremony and a welcome reception for all participants in the evening.

The project PAGE21 was presented by the project manager Melanie Dahms on Monday afternoon in the session "Permafrost and society".

The following PAGE21 partners are present at the conference:
From the coordinating institution the project coordinator Hans-Wolfgang Hubberten, Hugues Lantuit and Melanie Dahms from the Project Management Team as well as Moritz Langer (WP2 + WP4), Birgit Heim (WP5) and Kirsten Elger (WP8) from AWI. The partner TUW is presented by Annett Bartsch (WP 5 Leader),Hanne Christiansen from UNIS (WP2 leader) and the PhD students Stefanie Haertel and Jordan Mertes as well as the WP4 Leader Ko van Huissteden are there. From the side of the modeller Eleanor Burke (METO) participates and from Scientific Advisory Board Vlad Romanovsky from the University of Alaska Fairbanks is in Salekhard. A joint dinner on Thursday, June 28, is planned for the partners to get to know each other better and to discuss current project issues and upcoming events (such as the General Assembly in Hamburg).

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