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New Blog from Kytalyk / Spasskaya Pad field season 2012

The research group, Gustav Hugelius, Matthias Siewert, Niels Weiss, Jessica Hanisch, and Juri Palmtag from Stockholm University and Elin Högström from Vienna technical University in Yakutsk Russia. (Photo: Matthias Siewert)The research group in Yakutsk Russia. (Photo: Matthias Siewert)On Saturday, the 21st of July, fourth PAGE21 field research team landed in Yakutsk, Russia. This team consists of Gustav Hugelius, a researcher and superviser of the PhD students from Stockholm University in this trip, Matthias Siewert, Niels Weiss, Jessica Hanisch, a Master's students, and Juri Palmtag from Stockholm University and Elin Högström from Vienna technical University. 

After a day of adaptation to local time and getting food supplies the team arrived at Spasskayapad field station and could have a first look around the area, escorted by our very helpful contact from the Permafrost Institute in Yakutsk, Alexander Kononow.

The intention of this expedition is to work with landscape inventory of soil carbon storage and soil moisture variability in the permafrost affected taiga. It starts here in Spasskayapad, one of the PAGE21 secondary sites, and will continue towards Kytalyk, a primary site.