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Blog Kytalyk 2013: 23 April

Expedition to Chokurdakh (Sakha Republic) 23 April - 5 May 2013


23 April, Amsterdam-Dusseldorf

1-kaiserslautern-trainGerman S bahn. Photo by my train approached Cologne (Köln) central station, clearly not my scheduled destination of Düsseldorf, my faith in Deutsch Bahn was deeply shaken. At the travel centre a clerk explained, with some embarrassment, the reasons behind the chaos into which the regional train system had plunged this afternoon and I was issued a new ticket at no extra cost.
Fortunately I Pay Day Loans had adequate time to correct the Deutsch Bahn error and forty minutes later I arrived in Düsseldorf where I was to meet up with Ko (van Huissteden) and Ron (Lootens). Meeting Ron first we took a short walk along the left bank of the Rhine passing by numerous outdoor seating areas of bars where small crowds sat anticipated the arrival of a warmer spring. Ko joins us later in our hotel.