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Blog Kytalyk 2013: 30 April

Expedition to Chokurdakh (Sakha Republic) 23 April - 5 May 2013


30 April, Kytalyk

Picture 12 small: "Veneration" of the just built up eddy covariance station. From the left: Ron Lootens, Ko van Huissteden and Luca Belelli. (Photo: R. Petrov)Today is an important day: we have to set up the new lake side eddy covariance station. We spent the whole day at the lake tower, which piece after piece, was completed and activated thanks to Ron who rearranged the power supply system from scratch.
Overall another fine day with funny anecdotes: Kostia has accepted that he can not smoke inside the house, but asked for more money in order to wake up later than 5.30-6.00am. Today we woke at precisely this time thanks to the Kostia's cigarette smoke filling the room.

Side note: today the Netherlands celebrate the last Queen's day and the coronation of King Williem-Alexander. I still do not understand well with what kind of mercenary feeling I bought a Dutch flag before leaving Amsterdam, now it hangs, fluttering outside of our Kytalyk home. From a dutch perspective it is remarkable that the new flux tower was inaugurated today. A case of arctic neo-colonialism?
Picture 11 smallSetting up the new flux monitoring station on the shore of a still snow covered lake. (Photo: L. Belelli) Picture 10The kitchen-house with a Dutch twist. (Photo: K. van Huissteden)